Looking at the info at the JRB site, I see this: "The 10 foot sides have dual catenary cut edges". Is this a typo? Did they mean on the 11 foot sides? It doesn't look to me like the short edges have cat cuts, but then again the cuts on the 11 foot sides are subtle and not really easy to see until you tighten up. Since I have not pitched on the 10 foot RL, maybe I just have not been able to see the cat cuts. But I suspect Jack's meant "The 11 foot sides have dual catenary cut edges"?

Also, it says this: "The JRB 11'x 10' Cat Tarp is made out of 1.1 oz. silicon impregnated ripstop nylon cordura® ". Is this somehow dif from the sil-nylon that the other tarps are made of? Or are they all "cordura"? If they are not, is there an advantage to this fabric?

So what about somewhat closing the ends when pitched on the 11 foot RL, in a sort of SWT style? Can it be done? I'm thinking
A: grip clip about half way between middle guy out and end guy out, and stake to ground with this grip clip.
B: run a thin cord from grip clip to RL end guy out point loop
C: take the normal end guy out points and stake them to the center somewhat "closing the doors".

Would this work? Is there an easier way without need of grip clip or extra cordage? Some one mentioned using the extra loop on the center of the short edges on the end to pull the top together beak style. Has any body tried this? Are you still able to stake that end in a useful way if the top opening is some what pulled closed?

I'll be experimenting with all of this tonight or tomorrow, but just thought I would ask first in case some one has already done the work/experimentation for me.