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    North Lake NY single hangingly

    Only one person showed up...Me.

    All the way up it rained, but did I turn around? NOOOO. Gotta do this. I spent the last month moving from one apartment to another and working overtime no less. I needed a break.
    I left from work friday morning, went home, did some errands, thru some stuff in the car and took off. The directions that nothermark gave were right on the money. The camp road is passable for a Hundai Elantra, just be careful.
    Site 7 had a river running through it, so I went up the road a little more and ran across site 10. I set up my tarp first then my hammock. I'm hoping I can down load the pictures, but just looking at the pictures will prove that I was up for 24 hours.

    Tarp too high and the Hammock too low.

    Wow thats high.
    Lets take another look at it.

    Well enough about that. The wind was blowing the rain side ways...did I mention the tarp was too high?
    Lets take a look at that.

    These pictures were taken before I went to sleep too, do you think it would occure to me that the tarp was too high?

    Object lesson don't go camping when you are too tired.

    After I laid down there were quite a few trucks going by, hunting season opened today I think. I heard someone say as he drove by "hey thats a hammock!" Well, he could see it because my tarp was too high.

    Eventhough I had problems with the rain and wind my New River under quilt and snugpack sleeping bag I used for a top quilt kept me warm for most of the night. The only thing that got wet was my hammock and that was on one end.

    Oh and here is the view I had.

    The level of the lake was low eather for the winter level or the rains we were going to get.

    Well that is just about it, I didn't take any pictures of the aftermath. I just got up broke everything down and left.
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