My new M55/7D Burrow and Phoenix

Adam over at Hammock Gear has done it again and this past weekend a new member of my Hammock Gear family of quilts was born. Introducing the Sewn through Burrow (8.7 ounces) and Phoenix (8.7 ounces) in stuff sack rated down to 50 with a 7D inner shell and M55 outer shell. Along with it I had also ordered a Hammock Gear 7D pillow weighing in at a woping 2.6 ounces.

I want to start off by thanking Adam and Jenny for their excellent customer service and amazing product. As always they were a pleasure to work with. I have several Hammock Gear quilts and so far these are by far my favorite. The reason that they are my favorite so far is simply due to the new material used. The craftsmanship on all of the quilts I own from Hammock Gear are all equally superb. The feel of 7D is just so smooth against the skin it’s amazing. I had the M55 sent to Adam and he already had 7D in stock. I spoke with Adam for a very long time about these quilts because I really wanted them specifically for hot humid east coast summers. So what I ended up with was a Sewn through Burrow and a Phoenix with 1.5-2 inches of loft to them. Now these quilts are so light that when the wind blew I thought they were going to fly away. What a difference in the feel between 7D and 1.1. The 7D and M55 is so silky smooth and feel’s amazing against the skin. The Burrow and Phoenix are both stuffed very nicely with a generous amount of down and when held up to the light none passes through. I did not notice any air gaps in the baffles or lack of down in the baffles when holding it up. The rolled hems on both the Phoenix and Burrow are a very nice touch I prefer it over the grosgrain edging. It simply makes the quilt look sexy (and lightens it up a bit too). The one thing I did notice on the phoenix however is that the mine cord locks are a bit too small and can slip into the channel of the UQ if one is not careful. Therefore I am going to replace them with bigger cord locks so they don’t get lost in the channels. Besides that I found these quilts to be perfect in every way. The stitching is superb and the craftsmanship is most excellent. Now a little bit about each quilt individually.

The Burrow is a thing of beauty. Weighting in at 8.7 ounces in its stuff sack it’s literally as light as a feather. When Adam tossed it to me at the MAHA I had to jump in the air to catch it before it floated away. One of my favorite features to this quilt is the fact that the foot box is sewn but at the end has a draw string cinch cord. This allows my feet to securely stay in the foot box while at the same time completely venting it. (see pics below). This creates a foot box tube which I am a huge fan of for summer. All my other quilts are completely sewn shut which I prefer in colder temps. I do not like snaps or omni and find this to be a perfect solution to a sewn foot box while still being able to completely vent it. IMHO perfect for summer. I have not had a chance to sleep with the new burrow yet but I am fully confident this will keep me warm down to 50 and possibly lower with some clothing on.

The Phoenix is equally as pretty. Final weight in stuff sack is 8.7 ounces. It is the new design, with the thinner shock cord. I got to use it at the MAHA and it kept me toasty warm. IDK how cold it got on Friday night but it was in the 50’s somewhere. Having used the entire line of the Phoenix’s and having watched them evolve I can say that this design is my favorite so far. It comes up wider around the shoulders and thins out towards the legs. I like this design because it covers what needs to be covered with out excess UQ way up above your feet. The thinner shock cord worked very nicely in keeping the UQ snug underneath me. IDK how the smaller stuff will hold up against a heavier 3S or winter UQ but for a UQ this light the smaller stuff was plenty strong enough. The newly design Phoenix snuggled right up against my back side without having to adjust it very much. I did not feel any cold spots throughout the night and slept very comfortably.

I imagine that these quilts could take me down to 45 with mid weight long johns and mid weight top layer but that’s a total guess and over the next few weeks I will be experimenting with the new quilt set. And having the opportunity to own several Phoenix’s and Burrow’s and watching the evolution of Adam’s quilts all I can say is bravo bravo for you continued efforts in always wanting to improve your gear by continually improving on the design. So again a big thank you to Adam and Jenny. I’m sure I left out a few details which will come to me later.
Keep on hanging on!!!