I've been planning a trip on the northern leg of the moultrie passage for awhile now. I was thinking of the Dec 2nd trough the 4th. the Plan is a simple 20 mile hike from the trail head on the north side of lake moultrie (just off of hwy 45) to the first campsite Friday night (2 miles). Wake up Saturday and walk toward the sandy beach trail spur camp site (about 8 miles). Then Sunday walk back to the parking lot/trail head (10 miles). If anyone would be interested in getting away from the post Thanksgiving pre-Christmas haze I could use a trail buddy.

I know this is a wired time to be getting out. Now believe it or not this was the wife's idea (I love this women) She didn't want me getting all burnt out on the holiday season like I always do. If your interested post here or PM me and let me know.

Palmetto Trail Lake Moultrie Passage

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