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    experiments with dif pitches for JRB

    Just fooling around in the back yard this AM. All of this was done pitched with stand up ( 6 ft ) room, and no attempt at a storm pitch. Just pretty much a normal, reasonable weather roomy pitch while playing with one end to see what could be done. ( Still have to look into pitching on the 10 ft ridge line). I'm still thinking this can be improved upon by adding a grip clip and some other tricks.

    No attempt to storm pitch. 6 ft stand room. Tarp tied ABOVE hammock suspension. Still adequate coverage ( cinch buckles a few inches under tarp) with huge head and side room available. All other adjustments were from this basic pitch.

    Next, ends partially closed near top, "beak" style, over 10 ft. Claytor plus cinch buckle suspension.

    Next two, Looking back in from open opposite end, followed with view towards "closed" end with hammock occupied and sagging, without ridge line.


    Next, Claytor 10 foot plus Cinch buckle suspension showing coverage.I can't remember if I had a hammock RL in use here, but I don't think I did yet.

    JRB 11x10 with full length closure plus view back in from open end. Notice amount of room inside even pitched for 6 foot standing room and one end almost fully closed. Notice that the tarp is still not in contact with the hammock, even with one end fully closed.


    JRB 11x10 partial closure one end, no need for a pic from other end showing what will be obviously plenty of room to the sides and head with this partial closure of one side.

    JRB 11x10 Claytor with ridge line and hammock shortened somewhat, supplying lots of coverage over cinch buckles.

    Well, that is about it for now. Just trying to figure out how to use this in a partial "winter tarp" fashion without going to the "tarp tent" approach using the 10 ft RL, though I am going to try that soon. Suggestions will be appreciated. And further experiments will follow using a grip clip attached between the end and middle guy out points and a cord/line that runs from that grip clip up to the the foot and head end guy outs.

    What is working better than with my HH Hex is pulling the ends together as needed, then tightening the middle side guy outs. Even when fully closed, this leaves a LOT of room to the sides so that it not only does not touch the hammock, but I can get in and out of the hammock without touching the tarp.

    Also, it has been windy, and I have noticed this tarp is very quiet, even when pitched in some of these less than optimum configurations.
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