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    Raven Rock State Park in NC

    Had a rare two days off in a row and wanted to go hang but too many skeeters where I live so I went to Raven Rock State Park in NC (thanks to eflat7 for your input). While I have driven by this park for years this was the first time I have visited it.

    This park is located along the Cape Fear river and mostly hardwood with some pines and lots of hills.

    Hiked the Campbell Creek Trail to the camp site (this is a loop trail, about 2.5 miles to the camp site and another 2.5 miles back and is rated as moderate). I was amazed at the number of families with kids and dogs out hiking. The trail is worth hiking even if you do not plan to camp.

    I was located at Camp Site # 1 and there was one other couple camping and they were at the other end of the camping area. The camp sites are spread far apart so you can not see your neighbors. Very nice and private. Site # 1 had enough trees for at least 6 hammocks. I ended up setting up over the tent pad. Each site comes with a fire ring and there is a pit toliet close by but no water. You have to carry your water in.

    I set up camp and collected some fire wood. My only complaint was that there was no bench or big log to sit on. The one log there was too close to the ground for my old bod. Have to get Dutch to invent a lightweight folding Ti camping chair that I can pack in.

    Had some some Richmore Chicken and Rice for dinner, nasty, will not get it again. Finished it off with a large cup of hot chacolalate.

    Took my BB, a Jarbridge UQ and a Owyhee TQ. Also used some UQ Triangle Thingies. Only problem I had here was that the UQ kept slipping to one side so I had to reach down and pull it back several times. As it only got down to 55 degrees the UQ and TQ did not get a good work out. I was also used the "Dutch Edition" single line tarp ridge line from Whoopie Slings for the first time with my BMJ tarp. Well worth the investment. Made setting up the tarp very easy. Ver peaceful night listening to acorns hitting the ground. If I had not had to answer antures call this AM I might have still be there sleeping.

    Since I was up I decided to make breakfast which consited of heating up some water for some Mountain House Scramble eggs with peppers and ham. After the provious night dinners I was kind leary. Not to worry, this stuff was great. Found my self drinking the left over liquid at the bottom of the pouch it was that good. I will get some more of these.

    Broke down camp and hiked out. Hiking out I did not see anyone the trail. I did take a side trail to see Lanier Falls. Not a big falls but still nice. Got a laught as at the end of the trail to the falls there was a sign saying "End of Trail"

    Did not get to Raven Rock itself. Saving that hike for another trip.
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    Thanks for the report. I wondered if you had went. I do like that trail also! I also agree there is no where to sit but in your hammock. Unfortunately, once I hit that hammock sleep is soon to follow.

    Also that picture of that hole underneath that log looks just like a bear hole!!! Every time I hike by that thing I am scared there is gonna be one there! lol

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    cool trip, thanks for the report and pictures. i'll have to get down that way soon.

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    I've often herd Raven Rock talked about but I've never been there.
    Looks like a nice, relaxing get away.
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