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    Quote Originally Posted by DaleW View Post
    They are well made, but heavy and very expensive.
    No, the least expensive Clark is not very expensive @$240 with suspension and (small) tarp.

    Nor is it heavy. Nylon is nylon. The Clark bed may be 2.1oz /yd fabric compared to 1.7 or 1.9 for others. The zippers Clark uses are the same hq others use. But, a couple of ounces is gained for full zippers and two-sided entry. The end hoods are extra weight? Not when they nicely cover your gear, as do a pair of pockets at a cost likely no greater than for purchases add-on "organizer" pouches.

    Your UQ doesn't hang right? Think you need $30 "thingies"? No, with a Clark hang the UQ from the attachment points above the hoods. $30 saved.

    Weight: 31oz w/o tarp, but with a rope-suspension that can be lightened by 4oz with $10 of Amsteel.

    Summary: In the US market, for US-made goods, prices are comparable across hammocks because costs are comparable.

    Every time I read of the unexpected expense of an underquilt -- it was a late discovery for me, too -- I remind the writer of the development of limited-life and narrow $175 special inflatable pads for ground use, on which nobody --nobody -- says they sleep so well they have given up their mattress at home in favor of the 20" x 72" Nemo (imported, and complete with patches) techno wonder. Might there be something "lacking" in comfort from the $20 pads? Oh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaleW View Post
    Getting back to your equipment dilemma, the obvious answer is to buy the Akto AND a full hammock setup. Man wasn't meant to agonize over such things. Buying both will relieve stress and add so much more enjoyment to your life
    Ah, well said. If only I had that bottomless pit of cash If I do get a tent, it will be with a pang of regret, make no mistake!

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    Brain Hook-up

    It looks like there are some folks in my neck of the woods that fall in with all you crazy lot, so I should now be able to get some assistance in meat-space.


    I don't have to give up yet

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