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Who would be more likely to say so, and with less evidence? Maybe, even without consulting the web pages.

Speak to the facts, gentlemen, not to the avatar.
Thread hijack stepping on soap box.

Instead of spending your time trolling why don't you spend it researching so you know what your talking about. A little bit of research can go a long way. You can pretty much find any and all information you want to about any vendors quilt or products by simply looking at their website. Their is only one vendor who I can think of that does not share what insulation material they use for their quilts and I do not buy from that vendor because of that. And if it's not on their website then an email or phone call goes a long way. Hammock Gear, Te-Wa, JRB, Leigh Lo, Warbonnet, Molly Mac Pack etc. all have extensive information about their products on their site. Review, links to you tube videos, blogs etc. Every thing and any thing I could of ever asked for. And if the information is not on their website, sometimes all you have to do is ask the vendor and they put the information up on their website. Hammock Gear is a perfect example of this. Their was a thread not to long ago which suggested putting "how to hang UQ" instructions on their website and they happily did so. Warbonnet also did the same with his website when people were getting confused on which hammock to buy for their weight. So before you start taking shoots at vendors websites why don't you go to them and research them first.

Thread back on topic off soap box.

As for the karo quilt. This is a great deal. I wish I had the money to snag one up. I think its great that this vendor is making quilts outta sil seconds to make them more affordable to people who may not have the means to spend on a equally rated quilt. Kudos kudos,