Hey, everyone.

Iím 6í1Ē, 160 lbs and Iím looking at a couple of TQs. In particular, Iím looking at the Wilderness Logic King TQ: 78 in x 55 inches, 25 oz, 14 oz 800 fill of down good down to 20*. Sewn footbox.

Iím also looking at the enLIGHTend Equipment Revelation TQ. The long version is 84 in. x 38 (foot) x 48 (shoulder). Has about 14 oz of 850 fill down and weighs about 25 oz. Also good to about 20* (maybe a little better). Zipper and drawstring footbox.

I will sometimes need to go to ground and itís my understanding that a wider quilt is better suited for ground sleeping, especially for a side sleeper/someone who tosses and turns at night.

Anyone have any experience with these manufacturers and/or dimensions? Or similar dimensions with other quilts? Is the 78 inch King long enough for someone my height? Iím asking b/c manufacturers are all over the place with lengths and how tall you can be and still fit comfortably. EnLIGHTend also sells a 78 in version which I think could fit in but I might err on the side of caution and get a longer version, if need be. (Tim at EnLIGHTend recommends the longer quilt but thinks I would be OK in the 78 in. model since I'm on the slim side). Is a 48 inch TQ wide enough for someone who also needs to go to ground on occasion?

Any input is greatly appreciated!

SoCal Mike