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    Sleeping in a double hammock?

    My wife and I are looking at hanging during our future backpacking trips. She wants to hang but also wants to sleep together like in a tent. We have researched Hammocks and are looking at the Clark VERTEX Jungle Hammock.
    In theory we really like the way this looks and the fact that it has storage for packs between us. Clark has told me via emails that we could use individual underquilts for added warmth. I do realize that this set up will be useless for any solo treks
    Has anyone had experience, suggestions, and or opinions with this hammock?

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    I have some experience with sleeping two (smaller)people in an ENO doublenest and the comfort is another fight to get two people situated as soon as either of you have that eventual need to move. On the plus side it makes for great snuggling with that special someone, so not bad for naps but I wouldn't recommend it for a full night.

    What we ended up settling on was putting two hammocks bunk bed style one right over the other. That way someone can move without disturbing the other, but you are still within arm/handholding reach.

    Looking at the system, it is a full on hammock sleep system for two minus insulation. But all that makes it seem like a beast to setup. Needs 3 major suspension points for the hammocks, and also needs 11(!) smaller tie downs to hold out points in the hammock and rainfly. So 14 attachments to get this thing all set, sounds like a lot of adjusting for a perfect lay to me.

    And with gear in the middle, you two aren't REALLY laying together, just next to each other. So since you need 3 trees anyway, I think the best option would to just get two solo systems and hang them in a V with a large tarp over the two of you. Have seen pictures of this setup around the forums, and will have you two about the same distance apart. That will also give you(or her) the versatility of being able to take your gear and go on a trip if the other one isn't wanting to. The only thing you lose out on is the middle storage area for packs and such, but that isn't such a big deal.

    Plus, for that price you could easily afford those two solo systems. My two cents(okay, maybe three cents worth)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cjreynol View Post
    On the plus side it makes for great snuggling with that special someone, so not bad for naps but I wouldn't recommend it for a full night.
    Like my grand-daughter, my hammock is GREAT for grabbing her 30 pound body and snuggling up for a nap next to my 270 pound body. You'd be surprised however just how quick in the nap segment that her sweetness turns into all elbows and knees. Seems she's part wiggle worm.

    Now, if our weights were a little more closer together, like say my wife and myself, even though I have quite the lead on her, it becomes a little more like videos trying to explain Einsteins view of SpaceTime.

    Let that percolate around you and realize that once again, your misses may be that less massive object trying to get away from the black hole, you. Might not lead to good sleep.

    Two hammocks, one fly. Heck, Two flys but combine their coverage when possible. You may not always find a good group of three trees.

    Sides, there's no law saying one of the hammock can't be a double for a little together time. But I'll bet when the afterglow is gone somebody gonna want to move over to the comfort of their own space, less you can spoon all night long.

    And if you can, you lucky dog, my hats off to ya!
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    I have done this a handful of times in an eno dn. It did take some practice together to get situated but it works and can be comfy.

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    Another thing to mention is in the hotter months, the last thing you will want is snuggle time! Particularly if you are too from hiking to wash up before hitting the hammock. The added weight of a 2nd hammock is worth its weight in gold to make sure you both get the rest you need.
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    The Vertex is about the only true two-person hammock, but as it was mentioned, it's essentially two hammocks sewn side-by-side. There are some amazing Jumbo hammocks that are more than 7 feet wide and 14 feet long. These hammocks could allow for two people to sleep pretty comfortably in the same nest, provided you didn't toss and turn too much.

    One of the problems with HUGE hammocks when camping is that your tarp and tree requirements also grow. You'll need a bigger tarp to cover the ends and trees that are further apart, etc. This is why most camping hammocks are between 9/4 and 10/5 (length/width in feet).

    Unlike tent shelters or beds at home, in a hammock you feel every movement and the dynamics in the material structure change depending on what part of the fabric is pulled or pushed.

    I agree with Cjreynol and others that hammocks are best when used as solo or single beds. They are designed to wrap around the occupant, so unless you really, really like to snuggle and don't mind breathing each others dragon breath at close range in the morning, I recommend getting some separation

    But, if it works for you, do it!

    Personally, I love having the separate beds within close proximity. I think it is the best of both worlds (individualized comfort but proximity). When you really compare against a tent, this is more often what you are doing: each person sleeping in his/her own bag next to each other. A few couples like to share sleeping bags, but you really haven't saved much weight in gear since you still have nearly the same material requirements. Hammocks are really just an upgraded mattress or pad, so sleeping side-by-side in single nests enclosed by a single tarp tent is a better comparison.

    I do a lot of hammock camping with my family and we often stack bunk style, side-by-side, or in close clusters. When we can share tarps, that is optimal. I've hung as many as three hammocks in a cluster with my kids. I like having them close so I don't have to get out of my bed to help them out.

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