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    DIY, gathered end , w/ spreader
    DIY w/ pull-outs
    DAM/ HG Incubator
    Webbing and rings
    i find my thicker air mats most comfortable when about 1/2 inflated.
    that way they conform to the shape of your body & fully support.
    don`t leave the CREATOR out of the creation!

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    I have used an 3/4 length insulmat on top of a 3/8 ccf mat and was on the verge of too warm down to 28 degrees (my coldest night so far in a hammock). Loft on the bag I was using is is 2 1/2 inches, and I guess I am a moderate sleeper--neither hot nor cold.

    I think it's a good combination, and I probably can get much lower temps out of it. You should be good to go!

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    I was actually VERY warm with a 1.5 inch TR, and a 20 TNF bag, I left my arms out of the bag most of the night.

    it only got down to about 38 degrees though, then rained the second night, cheap wally world hammock on the diagonal kept me dry.

    all in all, im sold, Ill never sleep on the ground again when there are suitable things to tie onto around.

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