I'm new to forums and fairly new to Hammock wild camping (about a year now),
I camp as often as I can and treat it as quality time with my older lads (31 & 28)
I only have a tenth wonder xl hammocks which are fairly basic,
Inside I use a US marine corp extreme cold weather sleep system and when temp is well below freezing I add a heat reflective foil blanket underneath me, my tarp is an ex british army basha, I have modded the hamock suspension by attaching a double ring at each end (this doubles as a suspension aid, acts like a crashelmet fastener and also as a water break to stop rain seeping down the suspension rig), I attach to trees with tree huggers extended as required with thin webbing, seems to do the trick,
I stay warm and cosy all year round, and in the UK that is not bad, have had some foul weather, hope this is not too boring for anyone, thought I would input instead of just reading, Tigger