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    JRB Quilt Experience Needed...

    Hey guys, need your help. I've only recently convert to the trees, and dont have much experience in this unique way to camp. I purchased the Jacks 'R' Better hammock and winter quilt set, the Mt. Washington 4 & High Sierra Sniveller. I also got the Warbonnet Superfly to cover it. Now the only thing is, it hasn't been cold enough to really test it out. Now I have a Wiggy's 4 season, 2 bag set that I love, but are bulky. I've been looking into the quilts that have been coming out and it really got me thinking. It would be nice to swap out my bulky Wiggy's bag for a down quilt such as from JRB. I was wondering if there's anyone out there with these over/under quilts, and a JRB or other named quilt that has had that experience with it. I was looking for a setup good for year round. I thought maybe with the Mt. Wash 4, H.S.S, and Old Rag Mtn., I could pick and choose which or how many of the 3 quilts to use and be set all year for here in the lower 48. I've never seen a quilt first hand and the whole backless feature has me concerned. I realized it would get sqaushed and that's what the uq is for, but I figured I'd ask. I figure if there's someone out there who could help it's on this site. I appreciate your input.

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    I have the Mt. Washington 4 UQ and the Old Rag Mountain TQ. These are rated in single digits so I only bring the MW4 out if it's close to freezing or for the wife.
    Warmer than that and I prefer the Speer Snugfit (30*) and either the ORM or a down sleeping bag as a quilt depending on how warm.

    Just because they are rated in single digits doesn't mean you can't use them in the 40s. They don't generate heat, just insulate and you can always vent them a little to cool off. You'll be carrying a few more oz. than needed.
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    I have the JRB Hudson River(30*), a Hudson River with 1oz over stuff (20*), and Old Rag Mtn.(0*), and an AHE New River (30*). All perform well. I often find that I get over heated in most conditions above 30*, which is why I'm playing around with socks and insultex combinations now.

    With such a big tarp (less direct wind convection) 30* quilts are great general TQ/UQ and pretty much cover your 3 season needs. At least they have been for me. I'm a warm sleeper though. Your results may vary.

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    you could use that UQ year round and vent it as others have said. over heating i caused by the top quilt. think about your bed at home. you don't have a different mattress for summer.

    ive used the the Mt. Washington 4 & High Sierra Sniveller down to -5 with no extra clothes.
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    Not sure if this will help, but, each quilt has a temp rating and that is a "approximate" low temp that the quilt can be taken down too, but they can be used in higher temps by venting! Venting the quilt would basically require you to loosen a corner (or two) which would drop the quilt slightly so thereby cooling you off! The quilt set you have is good to 0* so I can imagine how warm they would be in summer and the pain to constantly wake up sweating and have to vent the quilt!

    One thing you could try since you have the BMBH is a pad in the sleeve, which many find perfectly fine in 3 season temps! Doing this would be much cheaper than buying another UQ, and then you could use any Topquilt and just vent it if you get too warm! All the while saving up for a 3 season or summer quilt set!

    This was this reason why I got a summer quilt set first, well mainly because late Spring, Summer, and early Fall are the times that I hike so the one set worked perfectly for me! Now (well not "Now") I am venturing out into colder temps so I expanded my gear set to accommodate the colder temps!

    Hope this helps???
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    Good for you having the is in a class of its own.
    I've got 5 JRB quilts-all are primo.
    If you're looking at a JRB TQ consider one of the Snivelers its true they also function as super warm/comfy camp capotes!

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    I can tell they're warm, but didn't realize the ratings were without a sleeping bag inside the 2. I'm thinking now, getting a Sierra Stealth for warmer months, adding the MtW4 if needed, and taking the HSS for the colder treks. Thanks for your help. I think it's real awesome how cold you can take just the 2 quilts down to. I couldn't be any happier converting to the trees. You guys have helped a lot.

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