I just ordered up 4 yards of 1.5oz ripstop in grey. I also got me some guttermanns thread on the way. I will be making a simple gathered end hammock. I want something comfortable like my WBBB 1.1 single. Tough as, but lighter than my Hennessy asym. And bigger and more comfy than my GTUL. With no bug net for cool weather (no bug) hanging. I will use amsteel blue (blue) whoopies, and a dynaglide adjustable ridgeline.

I have made lots of stuff with the thread injector. Here is a quick list of my thread injector projects.

-RL attached Hammock pillow
-jerry chair (small tarp, gear hammock, wash up sink, etc...)
-clothing mods (lots of hemmed pants for my short gorilla legs, added belt loops)
-lots of patches in clothing (tears that receive the fat zig zag stitch)
-over cover for the blackbird
-ripstop outer pocket for my golite ion (grizz style removable outer pocket(thanks grizz))
-bar tacked tree straps (which makes a great dog leash)
-various pillows, and stuff sacks (a box full)
-pocket mods for iphone (so my phone stays upright, and doesn't fall out of my pocket, I have done this procedure for every pair of shorts and pants)
-sleeping bag to UQ mod
-fixing clothing for friends
-pullouts on my SWT.

Thats all I can think of for know. I would not have made any of that without finding Hammock Forums. I have been a part of this crowd for quite some time now. (while Im rambling) Thanks to everyone out there on HF. shout outs to the following

Cogneato (brother)
Chickenwing (cousin)
Grizz (teacher)
Shug (teacher)
Warbonnetguy (maker of my favorite hammock)
Ramblin Rev (teacher)
Knotty (teacher)
Fronkey (teacher - nice bushbudy stove)
Medicineman (lots of good advice)
Dejoha (teacher)
2Q (thanx for the zippers)
ZQ (thanx for the zippers)
Law Dawg (I'll let you know next time Im up at the Kern River)
babblefish5 (have not hijacked my buddy's dehydrator yet, but planning on it)
Uncle Dave with his coffee and cat (oldgringo) (lots of good advice)
and any ya'll HFers I forgot.
BIG UP's and Thank You's

can yall tell I really like (parenthesis)

To make a long story short, I will soon have my first DIY gathered end hammock. I can't wait. I will post pics, and come up with a sweet name for her soon.