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    Never Say Never - How to make a whoopie sling

    My friend Bob was trying to make Amsteel 1/8" whoopie slings last night and was getting frustrated. He tried guitar wire, coat hanger, and just couldn't make it work. He even used a taper and still couldn't milk the rope over the taper.

    He called me up this morning, very proud, and announced that he had figured out the secret to making whoopie slings: KY JELLY! Yes, he lubed up the section that he was splicing and he swears it slid right in there in no time. Barely any milking necessary!

    I am urging Bob to make a video of his technique and post it on Hammock Forums for all to enjoy. Perhaps he could experiment with other personal lubricants like Astroglide, Liquid Silk, Slippery Stuff, Wet Intimacy Gel, KY Intense Arousal Gel for Her, or Good Clean Love Cinammon Vanilla Personal Lubricant (makes the whoopie smell GREAT!). I'll even buy the lubricants for him if he'll just film it. Let us know which one works best. He does recommend you stick with water-soluble personal lubricants.

    Congrats to Bob on his first set of whoopie slings, and I thank him for making me laugh so hard today that my stomach is cramping.
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