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    Quote Originally Posted by timabababaluka View Post
    Bob's ingenuity is astounding, but even more astounding (and somewhat scary) is your knowledge of just about every personal lubricant known to man . That's an awful lot of slippery .
    Bob is a smooth operator for sure. I have no personal knowledge of these products; I just used the power of the Google. As soon as he said he used KY Jelly, my demented sense of humor had me googling "personal lubricant." Bob used what he had laying around, but my warped mind started thinking about what other Bobs might use in their time of need. The lubricants I mentioned are the PG-rated names. Look on under personal lubricant and you'll find hundreds of products, some with names that the moderators would never allow on this family forum!

    Talked with Bob and he has agreed to do some videos. He's gonna post them on Lube Tube. Actually, Bob is a humorless sort and he didn't understand why I was laughing. He just called to share the revelry of his ingenuity. But all I could think of was the common HF refraint: Pics or it didn't happen!!!
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