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    Compromise anyone?

    I posted this over on the decender ring sticky but that thread has not had much added posting attention in many months so I decided to start it here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Little Weasel View Post
    This may have been suggested or tried before but it has been a week since I sat down and read all 69 pages about this technique. I believe I should receive an honorary Hammock Hangers Doctoral Degree for that one. Dr. Little Weasel has a nice ring to it.
    I have the rings, biners and cinch buckles. I am waiting on the straps to arrive so I can test and find which I like better so. Therefore, I can not currently test this idea.
    As I sit here looking over and messing around with with the rings, cinch buckles and some rope, it appears to me the reason most have to tie a backup slip knot is because the roundness of rings gives the straps nothing to grab onto.
    What if you were to take 4 cinch buckles, cut the v shaped cinch out and use 2 of the buckle frames on each strap just like the decenders ringers? The squared off corners and ends would give alot better holding power and slippage would probably be eliminated. There would be a slight weight penalty but his may solve the slippage issues with rings and the problem some have getting the buckles to release if pulled to tightly on a ridge line hammock.
    I have since cut the cinches, tied two together using a prussik and it seems to be working great. Weight penalty is .6 oz for four altered cinch buckles compared to the rings. I could not even get a length of spectra to even slip no matter how hard I tried. The flatness of the buckles lets then clamp down on each other much tighter. I do not think a backup slip knot would be needed.
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