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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Weasel View Post
    Several report problems with the buckles in the cinch buckle sticky being difficult to impossible to loosen on demand.
    I remember those posts, and while I've used the Cinch Buckles extensively I've never had any of the binding problems that were reported.

    The only way I can imagine reproducing the binding is with a hammock + structural ridgeline, with the suspension pulled VERY tightly. Even then, it should certainly be possible to just lay in the hammock for a while to get just enough 'stretch' to loosen the buckles. Since a hammock suspension should not be pulled that tightly anyway, it's a moot point, IMO.

    I am pleased to know that a 'square ring' prevents the slippage with webbing. I don't think anyone had tried that before. But, since it would require the use of the outer ring of two buckles for each end, I think just using a plain cinch buckle is easier.
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