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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Weasel View Post
    Several report problems with the buckles in the cinch buckle sticky being difficult to impossible to loosen on demand.
    I remember those posts, and while I've used the Cinch Buckles extensively I've never had any of the binding problems that were reported.

    The only way I can imagine reproducing the binding is with a hammock + structural ridgeline, with the suspension pulled VERY tightly. Even then, it should certainly be possible to just lay in the hammock for a while to get just enough 'stretch' to loosen the buckles. Since a hammock suspension should not be pulled that tightly anyway, it's a moot point, IMO.

    I am pleased to know that a 'square ring' prevents the slippage with webbing. I don't think anyone had tried that before. But, since it would require the use of the outer ring of two buckles for each end, I think just using a plain cinch buckle is easier.
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    I was one of those complaining about not being able to loosen the cinch buckles. As others have stated, don't crank them down as tight as possible and you shouldn't have problems loosening them when needed. I have also found that even if you can't get the cinch buckles loose, there is usually enough slack in the webbing to undo the biner at the tree.
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    I have to say that the round rings on the ring buckles will allow the webbing to slip to one side or the other...thus reducing the amount of contact between the layers of webbing...thus...rendering a sometimes slow let down...other times...quite a quick let reasoning for wanting the cinch buckles.

    With this set up..

    I was lowed three times to the ground...once VERY quickly...and the other two were very slowly...I think it's to with the "roundness" of the rings...duh...LOL...and the straps not being in line...I want to find another this is the set up on the new No Net DIY set up using the two rings and the 550 cord are working just let down at all.
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