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    My new Custom Fabrication Buisness "TQNT" is crafting high quality Quilts and Tarps

    Turtle Quilts N Tarps is a buisness that I have started due to interest in Members wanting me to make them my style Quilts and Tarps this is a CUSTOM ORDER buisness you tell me what you want, we talk about the price of the supplies to make it and i add a small fabrication fee. I have a paypal account set up for your convience. and i buy ALL of the supplies to make your equipment from HF suppliers to help support our community. because of the limmitations of only haveing 2 people make this equipment we keep the overhead costs low and in turn pass that savings on to you. I welcome you to come check out my new web site remember to contact me through the contact page on my website you may ask me questions about my products buy we cant conduct any buisness on HF. I look forward to speaking with all of you soon.

    Thanks for all your support

    FOR THE NEXT 7 DAYS IF YOU WISH TO CONTACT ME PLZZ EMAIL ME HERE this is due to a 7 day waiting period of my website provider "i do appologize for this inconvience i didnt know about it till a member informed me that they coundnt send me info" and I will get back with you asap.
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