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    Quote Originally Posted by SweetLou View Post
    I did that center out sewing on the body for that same reason.

    What do you mean that symmetry is hard just laying a cord down? What I did for the body was to use the hanging cord method, then folded the fabric twice, so I only had to use half of the template and make one cut.
    If I'm following this, then as long as 1/2 the width of the fabric is accounted for on the arc for the half of the template you used, you're golden.
    Oh, since I have you here, just want to say, "Thanks". I have watched all of your videos and I have learned a lot from you.
    You're welcome! That's why I made the videos, so others could follow, and then improve upon the designs.
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    SweetLou, I have made 2 Bridges and I was up late last night working on a 3rd (finally one for me) I have made Grizz's endcaps twice now and I can tell you it works. Plus it gives you a little beer belly as Dutch calls it. The string method works as long as you don't mind the wholes in the wall.
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