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    DIY Insultex / Climashield UQ & Climashield Topquilt Review

    I tested this past weekend the following two items, made by me.

    Insultex / Climashield hybrid Underquilt.
    Three layers of Insultex, 1 Layer of Climashield Apex 5oz/sqyrd b/w two layers of the Insultex, 3/4 length.

    Climashield Topquilt
    1 Layer of Climashield Apex 5oz/sqyrd.

    Sadly my camera, along with my girlfriends rain pants and trekking poles took a trip without telling me where.

    I hiked in 7-8 miles, and setup between a Sycamore and a huge Pine tree. Arrived at the camp in the evening around 6pm. Was a clear dry night with no wind, so opted for no tarp.

    Around 10:00PM it was about 40F at about 3200Ft elevation. Expected low was about 36F. I was hydrated, fed, and sober. For the first 1-2 hours I was comfortable. Around midnight the temp was hovering at 33F, and I was cold. By 3AM it was 30F, and I was extremely uncomfortable. There was frost buildup on my topquilt in places, and I was shivering.

    I was wearing a pair of thick wool socks, some water resistant pants with marginal insulating properties, a long sleeve synthetic base layer, a GoLite insulated jacket, a thick wool/fleece hat, and a thick fleece insulating pair of gloves. I also had a thin reflectix pad under my feet.

    For my comfort rating I'll have to put this setup at 40F.

    It was a fun project to make these items, but with this past weekend as a significant field test, I'll be starting fresh and rebuilding these geared towards being comfortable at 30F.

    Will look at using two layers of 5oz/sqyrd of Climashield. I can tell this will be heavy and bulky, but Down is not an option for me.

    Any advice guys?

    Last edited by KLHinNC; 10-23-2011 at 19:23. Reason: Forgot to mention the reflectix pad.

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