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    Hangin with the Scouts at Reed Bingham SP - Georgia

    This is my first trip report, so I hope I do okay.

    We arrived at Reed Bingham SP, just outside of Adel, Georgia, at 8:45 on Friday night, and the temps were already dropping: 52 as we were setting up camp in the dark. Forecast lows were for 40; I'm sure it got down to below that where we were.

    We camped in the Pioneer site, which was lovely and huge (see pics). Saturday morning we hit the trails, and did about 7 miles worth of hiking - some of the boys had never been hiking, so it was a nice easy lead-in for the Hiking MB we are working on this year. After getting back from the hike, the boys held a game - which seemed to mainly involve running through the woods and a lot of yelling

    After dinner and a campfire with skits and stunts, we turned in for night two - still a bit chilly. Awoke around 2 to the sounds of coyote music - VERY close by. Went back to sleep listening to the howl and yip.

    So - I slept in the Hennessy Explorer that I just finished rigging with whoopies (Thanks lymphocytosis!). First night was ok - used a light sleeping bag as an underquilt along with the Hennessy 4-season shelter and a heavier bag as a top quilt. Stayed fairly warm, all considered, though my feet got chilly (poor placement of the footbox, I suspect.) Bag and under-pad were damp in the morning, however - forgot to set up the vapor barrier. Second night was better - I put a mylar emergency blanket between the hammock and the pad. I slept on the thin bag in the hammock with the thicker bag on top, and was mostly warm all night.

    Think in the future I will make some modifications to the light bag to hold it in place under the pad - that is, until I am able to find the right underquilt and purchase it. I'll likely continue to use the other bag as a TQ for a while until I can spring for down or make my own.

    All in all, a really nice campout, and a good run for a first hang in colder weather.

    PS - Lots of interest in the hammock among the kids - poor guys, sleepin on the ground like that ...
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    Sounds like you'll be having a few converts before you know it. There really should be a hammocking merit badge.
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    Sounds and looks like a great time!
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