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Thanks for all of the suggestions. I have been to burrels ford, Paris Mt., and whitewater falls all within the last few months. I am interested in giving the Raven Cliff falls but not this weekend. Has anyone gone up the palmetto trail. I think we may try to grab a portion of it and find a good spot to hang.
I've done parts of the Palmetto trail. The Table Rock area is nice but camping is not allowed. You can still find spots but you'll have to go stealth. The Oconee section has some steep parts but also a nice hike, and again no legal camping.

If you want to camp near Table rock you can hike 4 miles up till you are off SP property and there are several nice camp sites within a mile or so of the park. Use the white blazed Foothills trail.

Jones Gap is nice and you can hike 20 min up to 1 hour and have your choice of nice camp sites. The only prob is the cost. Rangers there were very nice.

Hope you guys have fun.