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    Around here, that's not a major issue. No bears, so the only critters that might come around are racoons, possums, foxes, or coyotes.

    Not really much fear of those sniffing around...once they get a whiff of the person in the hammock, they're usually gone in a shot anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nothermark View Post
    I guess you don't worry about critters visiting that tasty smelling hammock. ;-)
    I don't think my style of cooking really lends itself to transferring smell... I cook with a canister stove and pretty much just boil water. I likely would not eat in my hammock incase I ever spilled my food. I have never taken food of any kind into my tent and I don't plan to start with my hammock. I also don't plan to do this on a regular occasion, but if it's raining I probably will.

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