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    First night in hammock

    I got my hammock, a Clark NA and I can see it working out just fine. Pretty excited to take it on some trips and see how she really works. I'm still interested in trying other hammocks out such as a HH though just to compare, to bad they don't have demos to send out. Don't you guys have hang-outs in MT? Always looking for a hiking partner for some long distance hikes. No hike is to far!

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    167 hang-outs in Montana...most of them are in the Southeast, from what I can see...

    The Hennessy is absolutely great if you don't want to live in your hammock but only set it up as a crash goes up really easily, it is very roomy and very comfortable...the person I sold mine to loves it and me for selling it to him...

    Each of us has different criteria...luckily there are enough quality hammock manufacturers that most of us can find what we want even if we have to do a bit of mix and matching...after years of comparing, the Clark NA hammock matches all my demands although I did add an interior ridgeline and pocket and plan to use another tarp in questionable weather conditions...nothing is perfect but when you start with a well designed, well constructed hammock you at least begin at the top....

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    Quote Originally Posted by mataharihiker View Post hang-outs in Montana...most of them are in the Southeast, from what I can see...
    I think that's mostly because many of us live in the SE. You northern and western dwellers should get together and arrange for a hangout.
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    Did we talk you into it, Montana?
    Or had you pretty much made up your mind before you posted?

    And where are your pictures, man??

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