First of all, I seriously want to thank everyone who posts a trip report (epsecially with pictures and/or videos). Whenever I'm feeling blue or fed up with corporate life, I come here and read about your trips and it makes me want to get outside more than anything else. In fact, if it wasn't for me spending time in here, I probably wouldn't have hammock'd at all last weekend. So, thank you all.

Anyway, some friend of mine were going on a hunting trip, and I thought I'd tag along as an opportunity to hammock it up and hang with my friends some. Also, since they'd be in a giant pop-up camper, if anything went wrong, I'd have a backup place to sleep.

Only one major problem though, this is the landscape:

NO TREES! I was heartbroken and desparately trying to find something tall and sturdy enough to hold me, but where we were camped there weren't any of the taller scrub oak close enough together. After a frustrating hour in one place (where I ended up putting a hole in my brand new tarp ) my friend had this brilliant idea:

It worked! It was far from ideal, but it was functional. The wind was coming mostly from the left of the truck there so it blocked most of it. I was fortunate and brought my spare 1.5" straps and used them to attach to the bumper on the far side:

I was most worried about my DIY uglyquilt. I'd made it by taking the batting out of an old comforter and sewing it together with some fleece and ripstop nylon. I screwed up an only got 1" grossgrain so there are some places where it's not fully attached. However, it worked great and I was warm both nights at 35 and 32 degrees, respectively. The first morning I even made coffee from the hammock which was super awesome.

The night sky was particularly amazing:

And while there weren't many trees, the views to be had were pretty amazing:

Thanks again folks, and get your butts outside!