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    Any one of the full length quilts would cover your footbox on the BB if you are 5' 8". Good luck in the search.............
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    Button finally pushed!

    Well after a ridiculously long time on this decision I finally made up my mind. I'm goin with a custom winter incubator. I'm gonna go with M55 for the outer shell, 8d inner shell (only slight weight penalty and much less money), Adam will be shortening it to 72" long, it will stay stock width. He's also going to add a baffle on each end.
    Thx everyone for your thoughts they were much appreciated.
    I also wanted to give Adam a quick shout-out on really taking the time to work thru my various thoughts and his willingness to advise me on my choices and then to make suggestions that might work best for me. It's been a great experience working with him on this thus far. So now all I need to do is wait by the door and try not to tackle people bearing packages.

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    I think you made a great choice! Look forward to pic's of the new addition!
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