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    Omnitape for bugnet

    I made a hammock this weekend and added omnitape to attach a bugnet. I have used the hammock only twice, but in both cases I was not very happy with the omnitape. I think it is not well suited to this application. I have not made snakeskins for the hammock yet, so I put it in a stuff sack. Since the omnitape sticks to itself, it is a hassle to separate whatever got stuck during setup. The omnitape would also fold on itself at times where I entered the hammock. This is even more tedious to undo. And my third problem is that despite the name "no snag velcro" it does still catch on some fabrics, like the running shorts I wore the second night out. I really like the omnitape for the head hole and footbox on my quilt, but I don't think it's good for a bug net attachment on a hammock.

    I think I read that other people have used omnitape for this application and I am curious what everybody's experience with the stuff has been (aside from the obvious difficulty sewing it on).

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    Omni tape (or Velcro) is fine for short runs but if it's a long distance I would rather use a zipper if possible. I have also had Omni tape stick to No eeUm netting a little bit.
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    yes, long runs of velcro suck for all the reasons mentioned above, it's also bulky and never lines up perfectly and takes longer to close than a zipper.

    consider a 3mm coil zipper along one side of the hammock, unzip all the way and throw the netting over the backside of the hammock when you don't need it. alot less bulky than omni tape, and far better performance for very slight weight gain.

    velcro is an absolute last resort for me.

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    This is why I'm considering a hammock sock with a zipper instead of using velcro/omnitape to attach the netting. The other reason is to have a DWR bottom to keep out blowing rain. Also, a hammock sock would be movable to different hammocks, since I'm thinking when I finally start making my own I'll not be able to stop with just one design...
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    If you pull both sides to be velcroed taut, they line up and fasten pretty easy in two or three foot increments. The hook and loop stuff catches easier than the no snag stuff and has better holding power. The hooks are a pain catching on to things.
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    a full sock will be heavier overall i think than the other two options, but you can leave it all behind when it's not bug season.

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