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    Smile Great Customer Service from DD

    Hello all,

    Last month I ordered a pack of water proof stuff sack from DD. As they had not arrived by today and knowing the DD's mail order service is normal both very quick and reliable I dropped them a mail this morning letting them know of the non delivery.

    Not a few minutes ago I received an email from DD stating that they will post a replacement set tomorrow morning, all they ask is I let them know when they arrive. Now that's what I call good customer service Gentlemen !

    I will be ordering from them again.

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    great service

    I have also had great experience from DD. If it had been Claytor your might have had an answer to your email in a week. DD for me.

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    Fast delivery

    I have also ordered two times from DD. Both times very fast delivery to Finland.
    They also reply to emails very fast.
    Last time i ordered 3x3 tarp and they sent it to me the next day.

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