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    I have a WBBB 1.1 & HB tipple hammock for sale

    NOTE This sale will suite Australians best but I'm happy to ship hammocks world wide if need be.

    Hammock one:
    Warbonnet Blackbird 1.1 double layer with adjustable webbing suspension and snakeskins fitted. Only about three months old have only done test hangs in it has not been used for any overnight trips. Well cared for and kept in a smoke-free household is in immaculate condition.

    Reason for sale:
    I really regret having to sell this hammock as forum readers will know these hammocks are very popular and with good reason. Innovative elegant design beautifully made a very light piece of gear, vast majority find this hammock extremely comfortable.
    However I'm part of the small group who seem to suffer from calf Ridge problems and some hyper knee extension when using the Blackbird. I'm looking to sell this hammock and purchase at JRB Bridge hammock as a replacement.

    Cost: $185.00 I will pay for express post you anywhere in Australia. You should get the hammock within a few days of having paid for it. A Blackbird will cost you over $200.00 if you buy a new one from the USA and will probably take about a month to shipped to you.
    Payment via PayPal preferred

    Hammock Two:
    Hammock Bliss triple colour blue and silver grey, made from parachute silk single layer(very strong and lite) I have upgraded original suspension (was horrible) 2 blue 6 foot Amsteel whoopie slings, added a removable structural ridge line, custom-made aprox 2 meter Brown webbing tree straps and aluminium arrow shaft toggles go with this hammock.

    Reason for sale: I want to buy a Lite owl hammock in many ways is very similar to my current Hammock Bliss, large gathered end hammock open style no bug net. I really can't justify to myself or my wife having to hammocks of a very similar style one is just going to end up not used in storage.
    I find this hammock really comfortable is very cool in hot weather nice and wide you can get a nice diagonal lay. Would be a good hammock for anyone just starting value for money great for just lounging round comfortable and wide enough to use for serious overnight sleeping.

    Cost: $125 .00 The hammock and all accessories. I will I will pay the cost of express post you anywhere in Australia You should get the hammock within a few days of having paid for it. If you order this hammock new from hammock Bliss it will cost you over $100 delivered to Australia with no accessories.
    Payment via PayPal preferred

    Anyone outside Australia will have to work a shipping cost to you separate to the cost of the hammocks.
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    If it has not been sold, I will pay $150 & you pay shipping.

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