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NE Ropes makes a Dyneema rope of stronger fiber and braid STS 12-90, but it does not come in a nominal 2mm size, the smallest being a nominal 3mm and listed as weighing .71kg per 100 meters, with a strength of 1546kg =3400lb. Thats about the same weight and strength as Samson's AS79 and AS90 of the same nominal 3mm nominal size. Basically all within rounding and model error of one another in breaking strength and weight.

The listed weight for Dynaglide has previously been measured by two HF members at about 75g per 100 ft, or 230g per 100 meters. Interesting that NE Ropes' listing for ST12-75 should also be incorrect beyond rounding error in the digits they report in their catalog. The catalogue I consulted also shows a weight of .3kg per 100 meters.

Is the braid of your NER ST12-75 the same as the Dynaglide, same number of crossings per inch? There's another product sold in Commonwealth nations, Stein Safety's "Skyline Throw" which is likely the same as Dynaglide. Same market, nominal diameter, colors, package lengths, and pricing.
I did not choose the STS 12-90 because it was larger and heavier.

I do not care to get into a discussion on the accuracy of the figures listed by NER. That discussion has already been completed elsewhere. I am only listing an alternative to dynaglide for those like myself who are not a fan of the bright colors. You are free to choose whatever cordage you feel appropriate for yourself, as I do for myself.

FWIW, I measured a sample of both Dynaglide and Endura-12 as above and understand that the smaller sample size would lead to a potential larger degree of error compared to a larger sample. The purpose was to compare the two cords' weight, not to verify NER measurements. By my scale, both would weigh ~73g/100', close to what others have reported.

I have not counted the number of crossings per inch and doubt I will do so. Non-empirically they look the same. Sorry if this this is not satisfactory to you. I will beg your indulgence, as I have now been up for 26 hours having started a string of night shifts last night. Again, I do not wish to rehash a discussion that was had previously as it turned rather contentious.