Hello everyone!

well I've been quite the creeper on HF for awhile now, and its about time I introduced myself.

Like a lot of people here I made the switch from tents to hammocks with the hope I would find a better nights sleep. to me nothing is worse than waking up with a sore back.

after about a month a delegating to pros and cons between the clarks and blackbirds, I finally decided on the wbbb dl and a superfly. so happy with the choice THANK YOU SHUG!! For all the great how-tos and laughs! I was one click away from a Clark NX-150 til i watched his video on the bb.
And thanks everyone else for the threads I've read, its all been a big help.

I stay way too busy during tourist season at shows, lighting director at one theatre and video director in another, so I never have time to get out on a real hike until about december I have however made an awesome campsite in the back yard for hangn and testing my gear.
My first trip is scheduled for dec 12 on the Buffalo River Trails, and by then I plan to have a wb yeti. I think it'd be a little cold without!

Thanks Again,
St. Crow