Hello all,
I have been a hammock hanger for about 5 years now but discovered this forum about month ago.
I am actually hanging in my hammock right now while writing this

I live in my van full time and two days ago combined hammock and my van
Started to make a big modification to my sleeping arrangements. I used to have a big platform bed at window level and had a garage compartment for my recumbent trike at the back under the bed in my MB Sprinter.

As I have not ridden my trike much lately because of health issues, I decided to make some changes and make the layout more practical. My health is getting a bit better and sleeping in a hammock is good for healing.

So I pulled out the bed and other stuff leaving bare floor. Pretty tricky to work on the van while I live in it.
To have a place to sleep, I hung my Hennessy Hammock diagonally across the back.

I am planning to make a DIY hammock to suit the same spot even I get my bed finished hopefully soon. HH is too flash for the van and I do not need the mosquito net indoors.