Tarp is black, RL seam has been sealed by me (I am not a professional), will not include any cordage.


Here is the story... The RL on this tarp will work perfectly with normal length hammocks like WB, ENO etc... But I am covering a Nite Owl and a Lite Owl and the RL is just a hair shy in getting that done, IMO. Marty confirmed my findings on his own hammocks and has agreed to have me sell this one for him rather than sending it back to him. All proceeds from this sale will go directly to Marty and I may even ask that you send the money directly to him rather than launder it through me. He is going to make a longer tarp to get more coverage.

It is hanging in the BY right now drying and I will get some actual pics up shortly.

Located in Lansing, MI. Asking $140 shipped.