Good ol' Stormcrow...CEO and kingpin of HammockGear was passing through town on his way to the Minnesota Winter Camping Symposium and we were able to steal away to the Superior Hiking Trail for 2 nights.
Fun and rainy and cold trip.
★✭✭ See Stormcrow's -15º UQ prototype with 22 ounces of down in it. His buttocks was in toasty I was told.

On the drive home we stood with my favorite Minnesota North Shore Voyageur ....went to Emily's for a walleye sandwich and then stopped by the Minnesota Winter Camping Symposium and saw MacEntyre, Fourdog, beep, Stairguy, Snipen and Fitz all with their hammocks. The canvas stove tent/teepee stovejack crownd looks at hammocks with a cocked head and worried brow))))

Whoooooo Buddy Ya'll.
All secure in sector seven,