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Man, I had sooo much fun. You guys (and Thorwren) were right, I surely needed that trip.

I met Shug at around 6pm and it was evident I was not the only one itching for some time in the piney woods. I was tired of driving 14 hours but he inspired me to ride for another 4 hours with the tempting phase...

"I want to wake up in the woods!"

So off we went. We had a blast too. The night hike was fun and I found myself more and more exhilarated the further down the trail we walked. We got down to site 14 and put up our rigs. It took me forever to go to sleep, right Shug?

Anyway, I am hoping to get up there when the weather gets cooler so I can make an excuse to go test some more gear...

Thanks again for walking with me, brother .

I would have to agree about the night hiking, it's one of my favorite things to do. Especially great to snow shoe at night in fresh snow. No need for the headlamp!

By the way, enjoying the Burrow!