So I was thinking about a way to make some hammock insulation into something wearable. My skills are far from that point as far as sewing something like this, but maybe I could find someone that could do it if I had a good enough design.

Anyway, the idea is to make a Down Hooded Tunic Vest that can be converted to an Under Quilt. I can sort of mentally picture what I had in mind, but the details are what is important I'd guess with a project like this.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can accomplish this? I'm not too familiar with the design aspects of an underquilt, but I figure at its most primitive it's basically just a rectangular blanket shock-corded to the bottom of the hammock.

As far as a hooded tunic vest, I'd figure it's basically one big rectangle, one end folded in half and sewn together to make a hood, then gathered together with shock cord at the neck and waist. A zipper (or velcro) could also be added to the front, or it could be 'laced' together with shock-cord between a few tie-outs...not sure which would be a lighter/warmer option.

When combined, the zipper/velcro end and/or the shock-cord gather points could be used to attach the UQ to the hammock. The seam on the hood could potentially be designed to split apart (velcro/snaps/etc) for either better coverage or to attach around the hammock...this feature may not be necessary depending on how close the quilt needs to be to the hammock.

So, does all this sound do-able to anyone? Any input or ideas would be very welcome and appreciated.


-Dave Mandrella