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    Goose Down Pillows for the filling

    I read a suggestion in these forums to pick up pillows off of ebay that would be cheaper than buying down from suppliers for $6+ / oz. I found just such an auction for 2 queen size pillows with 800 power down going for around $25 plus $12 shipping (in the U.S. although I'm in Canada)

    I just got an email with a quote for shipping and he wants $85 to send to me in Canada!!! Can you believe that? I can't imagine why but what are you going to do, 'eh'?

    Is there anyone out there who would be willing to pick this up for me and then repackage it to ship to me here in Canada (compressed for size) for a reasonable cost? I'd be willing to pay up front via PayPal for the auction price then more later when the 'real' shipping charge is known.

    This specific auction ends Oct 30 at around 10 PM Eastern. PM me if you can help out.
    I can't buy something without first considering whether I could just make it myself instead. How'd I get so screwed up?

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    Really really really wish I would of saw this a while again. I just threw away 4 xxl down pillows. My wife wanted to replace all the couch pillows because she said she was sick of seeing feathers everywhere, go figure
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