I go camping with the Scouts usually once a month or so, and have been hammocking for the last 3 or 4 now. My gear has come in fits and starts, here a piece there a piece. About a year ago, I switched from a Zrest pad and a Eureka Cimmaron 15* bag to a DIY UQ/TQ combo that I made from a synthetic quilt I had laying around. The UQ seems to be working okay, but the TQ is a bit narrow and my feet are often chilly. Also, they're horribly bulky, and have cotton shells instead of nylon.

So I brought up the subject of down to my wife last night. I mentioned that most commercial TQs or UQs would set me back as much at $250 each, but I could probably DIY for closer to $60 each. She said, and I quote, "Great. I won't stop you if you want to make a set."

I've got some sewing skills, so that's not a problem. My issues are:

What is a baffle and what does it do? Does it attach to both the top and bottom of the quilt?
I've looked at the Red River Gorge quilt plans and it seems to be a good UQ, but where can I find good TQ plans? What should I look for in a TQ to keep my feet toasty warm?
I'm 6'4" tall. What am I going to wish I'd done differently to accommodate my height in a TQ or UQ?
How do I figure out how much down I need? Should I overstuff? What exactly is the definition of overstuffing? What's a great place to get down?

Thanks in advance. I've tried to review the forums for TQs and UQs, but I'm in information overload right now, and have had trouble sifting through for the info I need.