I need some help from the DIY gurus here. Now that my Singer 15-88 is up and running, I seem to have caught the fever from this place. You all really should wash your hands more.

Before I start the obligatory quilts, I really want to try my hand at some clothing. I want to start with some overmitts like MLD's eVENT rain mitts. I know for the price, I should just order them from MLD, but where is the fun in that? I also am looking into down mitts, booties and maybe a windshell. I enjoy messing around and making my own stuff - just because I can is a good enough reason for me. I can accept that it will never be as nice as they stuff I can buy.

The Problem-- I found the patterns, but the number of fabric choices is boggling. I would love to use actual eVENT, but it doesn't seem to be available to the public. What else is available that has that degree of waterproofness, breathability and weight?

I have found Goretex Paclite @ 3.3oz/yd(2layer), 2.5 oz w/p/b fabric (2.5 layer, no backing needed), some light weight 2.6 oz 2 layer w/p/b nylon, and several 4.8 oz w/p/b fabrics-ripstop and xalt, a 2.7 oz 2 layer nylon Gortex, and finally unweighed duratech, ultrex and hytrel. None of these seem like a good approximation, but I am going by look as I haven't held eVENT before.

I know they would turn out OK with just a DWR ripstop (momentum), but I want to end up with something that performs closer to the MLD mitts.

Any recommendations or thoughts on better fabrics for this projects?
Also looking for a down bootie (soft sole) pattern if anybody has one.