In a prior thread I posted about ordering the Wilderness Logics King sized top quilt, “Now that’s Customer Service". While I loved the quality of the King sized quilt, I had to ask Marty to make me something a bit larger. I needed more room for my legs and a bit more room around the waist and chest.
Marty asked me about what size I needed, and after forwarding the specs I thought may work; he sent me a demo liner to try out (see other post for that pic). I measured the King sized quilt I originally ordered, and added a side by side comparison to what I needed.

The WL King sized quilt has 14 ounces of down stuffing, 2 more than most other companies offer. The “XXL “ quilt has 16 ounces of 800+ down, and fits my bigger frame perfectly!!! Slept in it Last night (42 Degrees) and was in love! I’m 6’1”, 280+. I wear a 52 jacket tailor cut to XL size in the waist, and 40-42 slacks. Here is the “XXL” measurements beside the King sized quilt.

I took the liberty of taking photos and weighing the King sized quilt from WL, I have side by sides of the King sized TQ and the new, larger, XXL sized quilt. Below are ounces and pounds of both.

Pics beside a Nalgene bottle and a "smoosh" pic. The stuff sacks are the same size (though photos look different), and weigh less than one ounce each.

For the bigger fellas out there, this is the ticket! If you guys are interested in a roomier TQ or one that fits, the quality and size of the XXL WL TQ is killer. Ask Marty at Wilderness Logics about the XXL. I'm not sure what they are gonna call it, but if there is a market for it, I'm sure they may place them on the site for sale!!!!