I'm a long time backpacker and have never used a hammock but it just makes so much sense! I backpack in New York, which means lots of hills and plenty of trees to hang a hammock on. I just finished section hiking the Finger Lakes Trail, which goes from Allegany to the Catskills.

I'm sure different preferences have led to a lot of opinions about which hammocks people like. I've been doing research on all the makes and models and modifications and I'm a little overwhelmed with all the information out there. I'm really struggling with a choice because a) I've always been a strong side sleeper and b) I'm not looking to break the bank on an initial set up. There isn't much in the way of local camping stores so I can't try them out first either. I also can't figure out if I want to get something commercial like a Clark or Hennessy, or piece together a hammock, tarp and bug net. I'm handy enough, especially with some instructions, but I don't have much free time. I have no inclination at this point to do any winter camping, so a three-season set up would be fine. I'm 6' and 170 lbs. if that helps. Any advice would be appreciated, even if it's conflicting.