I am planning a new under quilt and I would appreciate a sanity check of my planning and make sure that I am not missing something. I want to order down tomorrow.

The quilt is being made for a bridge hammock with center width of ~34 inches and 78 inches long.

The under quilt is a karo design with 12 inch blocks and 6 inch long x 2 inch thick baffles.

The finished dimensions of the quilt are 34x72x3 and will be made from 3 yards of .51 oz/yd cuben.

Planned loft is 3 inches. Fill is 9 ounces of 900 FP down, which yields about a 10% overstuff.

Amount of down = 34x72x3/900 = 8.2

Since the design almost uses all of 3 linear yards of cuben = 3x1.5(54) ~2.4 ounces

Overall, I expect the finished weight to be 12 - 14 ounces.

For 3 inch loft is a 2 inch finished baffle reasonable to keep migration to a min.? Would 2.5 inch baffles be better?

I am thinking about putting a 12 slot in the middle of the quilt so that I can wear it. I am concerned about keeping the slot closed while in quilt mode as it could really allow a lot of air in if it is not sealed well.