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Hi CampDavid,

Have read your review with keen interest I was wondering do you think it's the extra length of the owl hammocks that is helping to make it so comfortable

I'm guessing that the owl series of hammocks is the longest of the commercially available hiking/camping hammocks. Perhaps length is the key to building a better hammock
Thanks for the message. As for your question, my guess would be the length but it seems like that cannot be the only thing contributing to it. The NO is not that much longer than my GT and is a similar width but the NO feels much wider.....it is tough to describe. There is another thing I am considering and that is the material. My GT is parachute nylon which seems to have some "spring to it" which I had not really noticed until I got the NO. When I sit up in my GT it sags under me just a bit......like sitting in a moon jump or walking on pillows...it gives. This "give" is what I think takes away just a little bit from staying really flat. The NO on the other hand is ripstop and seems to have very little if any give to it. Therefore it does not droop or sag under weight. When I sit up in it, it is more like sitting up on a firm mattress or even the floor....it somehow feels more stable and less stretchy. Maybe this makes no sense at all but it's the best way I can think to describe it. Hope it helps.

When I mess with it outside this weekend I will get some pictures and hopefully get an even better understanding of how it works.