Jamestown .... The first perminent English colony in North America... The birthplace of USA as we know it today will is celebrating it 400th Anniversary this year... 1607-2007... America's Quadricennial... Jamestowne historical site and the Jamestown Settlement a recreated site with the closest Powahatan Indian village, replicas of the three ships that brought the colonists and a full size, accurate receated James Fort all staffed with costume interpreters are open all year and putting on a super show.

Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg, and Yorktown (The Historic Triangle) are all connected by the National Parks Service Colonial Parkway which covers about 40 miles, 75 percent of which is along either the beautiful James and the York Rivers....

Bush Gardens Williamsburg and Water Country USA are both less that 2 miles off the Colonial Parkway also....

Tons of Hotels, time shares in the area, and a camp ground adjacent to Jamestown Settlement ....Many military bases in the area with guest houses also....incl, Fort Story, with big, on the beach, MWR facilities, at the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay on the Atlantic Ocean, less than an hours drive.

And.... Drum roll, please, Jacks 'R' Better LLC, is less than 400 yards off the Colonial parkway exit between Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg.

So... Bring the Family, make them all happy... Call ahead to JRB, to coordinate your visit... We have busy, but flexible schedules; and if possible, we will work to see you all...Do plan to stop by... You can check out many hammock styles... all manor of quilts and hammock gear... and a large number of stoves and other pieces and types of ultra light weight gear....Hammocking and Ultra light spoken here.

Visit while you family is enjoying the sights above....or ... plan an early evening stop with them....Your wife, girl friend and or teen age daughters can get a complimentary Mary Kay pampering/make-over facial, from Peter Pan's wife, while you are doing all things hammock....Then go out for the evening with your gorgeous women folk.... Hint, if you take this approach be sure to make appropriate compliments... You'll score a lot of points...

For the survivalist and true outdoorsman... Peter Pan interprets in the Powahtan Indian Village at JS on Thursday mornings, as a professional Flint Knapper... learn how to make the arrow heads, stone knives and razors...On a great day we will use these tools to skin, butch and cook Bear, deer, or fish, often there is fleshing, tanning, cooking, cord making, basket making, pottery making, arrow or bow making, canoe making, trade demostrations, planting/farming going on according to the seasons.... Plus the English Ship activities and daily life in and around the Fort activities to round out the experiance... Many are hands on opportunity for young children.

And , yes historically some of the English used hammocks on the ships coming over.

Ya'll come.