My sewing skills are crap. First, I don't really have a machine. I have this machine that is odd and runs on 4 AAs. It is not good for what we do here, but all I got for now.

I've been doing some things to practice. I'm going to make a square tarp (diamond config) out of some 2mil drop cloth I had left over from painting a bedroom. 2mil is the thickest you can buy at Home Depot not in a roll. Everything else comes in rolls and about $20. I never used this material when painting.

My idea is to use this to mockup a 7.5'x7.5' tarp. I'm thinking of using flagging tape as the edging. I can get fluorescent colors at HD. I found black at

I'm not expecting to use this tarp that often. I want to do this so I can get the feel and practice. It may even be somewhat a usable tarp.

comments or ideas?

If you are in Buford, GA and want to bring me a machine I would be much obliged.