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    SOLD - Granite Gear Ruff Rider Dog Pack - Med

    Hi Folks,
    I am selling my Granite Gear Ruff Rider (Medium) dog pack. I have a 45 lb black lab and this fit well. Tucker did not like the pack initially and punished me by eating through the front strap. Hence, there is one sewing repair (see pic). It's not the prettiest repair, but it's solid and the pack is in very good condition. Here is a copy from the web on current price and description:

    Granite Gear 134046 Large Ruff Rider - Red-Grey
    $48 online
    13 reviews
    These packs are designed to fit the contours of your dog. They give your pet the capacity to carry a load in comfort without the pack interfering with your dog s stride. They can be easily adjusted for a perfect fit. The bombproof construction will hold up to the rigors dogs can dish out. Fleece lines the sides that come in contact with the fur. Tubular nylon webbing with its softer rolled edges won t cut into the skin. Fastens around the front and under the belly for a secure fit.

    I'll let it go for $25, shipped anywhere in the CON US.

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    PM sent. Bonaparte's successor thanks you.

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