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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowAlpha View Post
    OOoooohhhh! thank you.
    Now I have a visual picture of you getting in a traveler & stuff flinging in the air

    does a piece of say zing-it with mitten clip attached to hammock & TQ help keep foot end of TQ in?
    Ha you should see the cranky look it gives me too

    I've had no problems while I'm in the TQ with the hammock just when I'm trying to leave or enter the hammock itself.
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    Have you looked at any of Wilderness Logics' hammocks? They use shock cord in the edges to help keep things, such as TQs, in the hammock. Their newest hammock the Snipe comes in at 18.5 oz with suspension. Or if you prefer the double layer they have the Lite Owl weighing in at 20 oz with suspension.
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