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    Ok... so there is a cluster of hangers in PA. Please feel free to include me in any group stuff that gets planned. I am kind of halfway between Harrisburg and Tioga. Lewisburg is right across the river.

    My daughter would like to do some canoe camping this summer. I have a open, flat water boat that she wants to get out in. The Susquehanna is only about a 150 feet from my house. But I don't know the river well enuf to know where to camp and how reasonable it would be.

    I guess some of this depends on whether a HH owner is allowed in the claytor/clark world.. :?)

    My daughter is a ground dweller, in part cause we don't have two hammocks.

    I have a "base camp" type trip planned for the Haystacks at the end of Loyalsock trail in a couple of weeks. Let me know if you are interested in getting together with me on that.
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